Dawson’s Orchards is a picturesque setting for family, engagement, wedding and senior pictures. 
From Spring Blossoms to Harvest, it’s a perfect backdrop for every occasion.

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Sessions are 2 hours long.  At this point we do not allow photography on Sundays. All scheduling is to be done at least 2 days in advance by calling Karen at
724-651-1733 or emailing


Location Fees

Weekday - $50
Weekday (after hours) - $65
Weekend- $75
Weekend (after hours) - $100
Mini Session (12 hour session from 7a-7p, available Saturday only) - $500
**Regular business hours are Monday thru Saturday 9a-4p.


photo Submissions

Dawson’s Orchards welcomes all photo submissions*.  If you would like to share your photos with us, with your permission and credit, we may use them in print or online.  Submissions may be sent to

*Above photograph courtesy of Emily Havrenak Photography (Engagement Shoot, October 2017). View more of Emily's work at

Dawson's Orchards Photography Policy

  • Professional photography (see definition below) sessions are allowed at Dawson’s Orchard by appointment only.

  • Sessions must be scheduled at least 2 days in advance. No sessions will be scheduled on Sundays.

  • One session is 2 hours, with the exception of Mini Sessions (see definition below), which will be for a 12 hour time period.

  • Payment is required prior to the beginning of each session. Cash, check and credit card are accepted.

  • Photographers and their clients must check in at the Retail Store at the beginning and end of their session. All parties must read and sign copy of Dawson’s Orchards Photography Policy Agreement prior to beginning each session. Photographers will receive a signed copy of the Agreement for their records as well as a map of the Orchard and instructions as to areas that are “off limits”.

  • “Off Limit” areas will be pointed out prior to the beginning of your photography session. For your own safety please respect these areas and stay out of them.

  • All photography must be “family friendly”. No suggestive photographs are permitted on Dawson’s Orchards property.

  • You may be asked at any time to move to different location on Dawson’s Orchards property if your current location interferes with daily work (i.e. planting, spraying, pruning, harvest, etc.).

  • Note: Other photographers may also be on the property during your sessions. Please be courteous of their sessions.

  • If weather is uncertain, please call at least one hour prior to your session. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment.

  • There shall be no unauthorized use of the Dawson’s Orchards, Inc. name or trademark and no expressed or implied endorsement of any product or service. Published photographs (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, websites, etc.) should credit the location of the photograph (Dawson’s Orchards, Enon Valley, PA).

  • All photographers and clients are expected to be courteous and respectful of Dawson’s Orchards property, customers and activities while on the premises as well as to comply with any and all Dawson’s Orchards, Inc. policies. Dawson’s Orchards, Inc. reserves the right to ask photographers and their clients to move or leave the premises if they are disruptive or non-compliant with our policies.

  • Absolutely no food/drink or animals are permitted in the orchards. Dawson’s Orchards, Inc. is GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified and strictly adheres to all GAP Policies.

  • Your business is important to us. Thank you for understanding and cooperating with our policies. We look forward to working with you!

  • Professional photographers are defined as anyone being paid, in cash or barter, for their photographs. This includes photographers for whom photography is not their primary source of income.

  • Mini Session is defined as when a photographer or studio announces, publicly or to preferred clients, that they will be available to photograph families, couples, individuals or students during a specific date and time at Dawson’s Orchards. Each separate party involved in a Mini Session is still required to check in the Retail Store as well as read and sign the Dawson’s Orchards Photography Policy Agreement.