Pear Varieties


Yellow and Red bartlett

One of the earliest varieties, harvested in early September or even late August, Bartlett are superiorly juicy.  While Yellow Bartlett have a clean and mildly sweet flavor, Red Bartlett will pack a sweeter punch.  Both are great for canning, juicing, salads and snacking.  


A crisper pear with a woodsy yet honey sweet flavor, they ripen in late September.  Their warm brown skin that is prone to russeting makes for a great appearance in your fall centerpieces.  Use them for grilling or baking or enjoy their simple goodness as a ready to go snack. 




Thought to have originated in Belgium, but named for the Anjou region of France, it is known for its bright green skin  and an egg shaped appearance.  They are harvested in late September and are PEAR-fect for everything from sauces and pies to salads and beverages.  


Don't be fooled by their tiny size, these little pears pack an amazingly sweet flavor.  Discovered as a seedling near Philadelphia in the early 1800s, they are said to be the only true American pear that is grown commercially.  They're the perfect choice for school lunches, a salad garnish, or for canning whole.  Find them at the farmer's market beginning in mid-September.