Consistent Packaging Standards  


The 2017 installation of a state of the art MAF RODA apple packing line has provided vast improvements in packaging efficiency and consistency. 

Your apples will be packed to order - to your specifications - everytime.

a great finish comes from a clean start

Every apple begins its trip in the dump tank, where is is washed in chlorinated water to remove orchard debris and any bacteria.  It is then put through a hot water rinse and given a light coat of wax.  

customized sorting

Cutting edge technology allows sorting of apples by grade, color, size, weight and more.  Each apple that passes through is photographed by IR cameras 20 times, allowing for a top of the line sorting experience.


packed your way, everytime

Multiple cystomizeable programs for every apple variety allow us to grade and package your apples any way you want them.