Apple Varieties


yellow transparent

Originally from Russia, Transparent apples were brought to the US in the early 1800s.  They are an early apple, usually ready around mid-July and done by early August, and most commonly sought after for their creamy applesauce and apple butter making abilities rather than out-of-hand eating.  Dawson's only has three Transparent trees - planted years ago for Kevin's mother who used the apples for sauce!

ginger gold

A chance seedling discovered in the 1960s, it's parentage includes Golden Delicious and the Albemarle Pippin.  It's flavor is both sweet and tart, making it a pleasantly refreshing snack apple.  It is also great in salads or for any of your baking needs and typically harvested in mid-August.



jersey mac

An early season version of the Macintosh - Jerseymac is similar in flavor as well as being good for pies and sauce.  Expect this variety at the farmer's market around mid-August.

paula red

With it's mild 'not too sweet, not too tart' flavor, Paula Red is a perfect fall starter apple.  Harvested around the end of August and finishing up by early October, they aren't around long, but they make a great snacking or applesauce apple while they're here.



A hands down favorite these days, the Minnesota bred Honeycrisp continues to grow in popularity.  It's complex, sweet-tart flavor and undeniably crunchy and juicy texture is hard to beat.  An excellent snacking apple it is also liked by many for baking and applesauce.


By far one of the most popular apples at the farmer's market, Gala is known for its sweet flavorful crunch by both kids and adults alike.  In addition to being a great snack apple, it has also become a favorite to cook and bake with.  They are harvested around late August.




McIntosh has been bringing fall flavors into homes ever since John McIntosh discovered the first seedling back in 1811.  It's timeless sweet tart flavor and juicy flesh are a must for apple pies and sauce.  Expect to see them around the end of September.


Developed in New York, this traditional apple has a creamy white flesh that won't turn brown quickly after being cut, making them idea for fruit plates.  They have a sweet, rich flavor and are quite juicy.  Use them for snacking, juicing or sauce starting around the end of September.




With parents like Red Delicious and McIntosh, it's hard not to be popular.  Inheriting a wonderful sweet-tart blend from its parents, Empire is great for snacking (especially school lunches), salads, baking, cooking and freezing.  Expect to see them around the end of September.


Jonathan apples are harvested in late September.  They are tart, crisp and juicy - a great choice for snacking or for apple sauce.



golden delicious

Discovered back in 1905 in Clay County, West Virginia this apple is related to Red Delicious only by name!  Harvested in late September, it boasts a sweet flavor alongside its juicy flesh and is great for snacking, salads, baking and sauce.  I guess that makes this apple 'As Good As Gold'.  

red delicious

Originally known as Hawkeye and discovered in Iowa in 1872, Red Delicious has stood the test of time.  Its mildly sweet flavor makes it great for snacking, we don't however recommend baking with it.  Look for this apple fresh in late September.

red delicious.jpg



What happens when you combine a Golden Delicious and a Jonathan?  You get a honey-tart, crisp, juicy apple that does it all!  And don't get us started on it's apple butter abilities.... Look for these wonders around the end of September.


A Jonathan and Red Delicious cross, this traditional favorite is the state apple of Ohio.  Great for baked apples or in pies, Melrose will hold its shape when cooked - don't count it out as a great sauce maker though.  Enjoy it's firm flesh and sweet-tart flavor starting around mid-October.




Hailing from Fujisaki, Japan in the 1960s, this firm, crisp, sweet apple is another favorite.  Perfect for school (or work!) lunches and salads, it also makes a great no-sugar-needed sauce or apple tart.  Find these starting in early October.


Firm, crisp and sweet  - Cameo can't be beat!  A great apple for snacking it was discovered by chance back in the 1980s.  It is harvested in mid-October and makes a great addition to your table with it's orangish-red hues.  




Around since 1816, the Rome apple (fully dubbed 'Rome Beauty') boasts a slightly tart taste and a firm and juicy flesh.  It is harvested in late October and makes a great baking or sauce apple - especially when paired with sweeter varieties.


A chance seedling of Granny Smith and Lady Hamilton, Braeburn's deep, sweet-tart flavor is undeniably good.  Coupled with a solid crunch, this mid-October apple is hard to beat for snacking and salads and is a great option for those looking for an apple to hold its shape in pies or tarts.



granny smith

Discovered in Australia in 1868 by Maria Ann "Granny" Smith, this tart favorite is is great for sauces, pies and salads.  Don't count it out for snacking either - it packs a nice crunch to conquer your mid-afternoon slump!  Look for it at the end of October.

pink lady

Also hailing from Australia and combining the best traits from a Lady Hamilton and a Golden Delicious, Pink Lady (also known as Cripps Pink) is known worldwide for its pink hue and serious crunch.  Take full advantage of their flavorful, light taste and enjoy them as a snack or in a salad.  We promise they're worth the wait... until November that is.  These ladies won't hit the farm market tables until then.

pink lady.jpg